February 2, 2023

Theatretrain’s Annual Video Competition 2023

Theatretrain's Annual Video Competition - Keep reading to see one of our older group entries!

Every year Theatretrain centres all across the UK take part in the Annual Video Competition. The purpose for this is to mark the annual switch over from production to performance. The winning school are awarded a cup to keep for the year. 

This year, we were given the theme of ‘Making and Breaking Friends’, with the brief ‘A two minute edited film showing how friendship is part of your centre’.

Teachers and students at IOW TT had a great discussion and came up with many ideas of how we could show how friendship is part of our centre. However, with the post holiday buzz and the fact that in early January most of us are still eating Christmas chocolate for breakfast, we can up with the super fun, albeit a little silly, idea of……


All Main School groups took part in this activity. They got into small groups and together wrote their own raps showing how friendship is a HUGE part of our school, and how important Theatretrain friendships are for our students. Some groups stuck with the rap idea, however a couple of groups found that their ideas and thoughts resulted in much more emotive lyrics, so they decided to bring in a guitar and turn their raps into songs. It really goes to show that creativity has no limits, and it’s exciting so to see how a piece of theatre can deviate from the initial intension and develop into something so different, yet still wonderful. 

All students performed their songs/raps to their classmates and we recorded them ready to be edited together and sent to Theatretrain HQ. 

This was another great learning experience for our students.. They are so used to performing live, and when you’re performing live you sometimes make mistakes that can’t be rectified (until your next show.), so when a couple of mistakes were made they were a little cross with themselves as they thought they had blown their one opportunity to get it right!

Hold up! That's the beauty of pre-recorded theatre. TAKE #27. WE CAN JUST RERECORD!

Once we were all happy with the recordings, they were sent off to be edited together and sent to HQ to be viewed. 

We are still awaiting the result of the competition (we will be sure to update you). However, here is a little teaser of one of our raps! 

One weeks worth of work and a lot of fun! I think these Musical Theatre students could have a future as rappers..... maybe. 😂

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