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More than just a local drama club

Why choose Theatretrain for your child

Performing arts training for 4-18-year-olds who love to steal the show!

Why your child will love their Theatretrain experience…

Thrive in a welcoming environment

Our theatre company directors and professional theatre creatives come together to build a uniquely welcoming and inclusive environment where your child can gain experience in groups without the need for unhealthy competition.

Take the lead with new skills

Some young people come to us who are shy or lacking in social skills, but we welcome them with open arms into the Theatretrain Way. Our students quickly gain confidence, friends and the ability to express themselves through theatre.

Access incredible opportunities

Because of our connections to a reputable agency, our students have the chance to audition for their books and take their passion further. Every Main Company student also has the opportunity to star in one of our big-venue performances!

Lay the foundations for a future career

At the heart of our sessions are the key elements of theatre. Our directors and theatre professionals guide your child through the core skills of performing arts, with time dedicated to dancing, singing and acting.

Pupils trained at Theatretrain
Performances at The Royal Albert Hall
International Performances
West End Shows inc. the London Palladium

When I first founded Theatretrain I knew I wanted to offer something completely different to what I was seeing from traditional theatre training. Most classes available today are based on an examination system and offer very little in the way of a true experience of what it's like to be, and think as, a performer. I wanted to change that.

Our approach

The Theatretrain Way was first paved by Artistic Director, Kevin Dowsett, a well-known and respected name in the performing arts industry. Because of his unique experience in both teaching and theatre, students at Theatretrain benefit from intuitive and effective training methods in a realistic theatre environment. 

We want our students to walk away from every session with a new skill. They will develop theatrical skills of storytelling, movement, space and sound, as well as crucial life skills like confidence, resilience, teamwork and leadership. Our sessions are focused on harnessing the power of the group, something all performers must learn, capturing the buzz of excitement that will propel their creativity and courage.

A big part of our approach is to organise large-scale events in impressive venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and famed London West End theatres. All of our students get the chance to be a part of these memorable shows, boosting their self-esteem and giving them real-world experience of what it’s like to perform on this scale.

Whether your child loves dancing, acting or singing, they’ll find a place at Theatretrain where they can become well-rounded performers and motivated people.

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Our story

Theatretrain started welcoming students in 1992 and has since opened more than 60 companies with over 5000 students registered. But why do parents and children keep recommending and returning to Theatretrain? We do things a little differently, putting focus on the practical elements of theatre in a vibrant atmosphere, so your child can learn important skills and make incredible memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Our people

With Kevin Dowsett at the helm, Theatretrain’s team brings together every key element your child will need to be prepared for a future in the performing arts. Theatretrain is led by a creative team nationally, with each individual company spearheaded by its own team of theatre professionals.

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Our patrons

Want your child to feel the power of theatre while building friendships and skills?

Our Theatretrain companies operate all over the UK! Find one local to you, plus session dates and times. Find a company near you here…

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