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Telling stories on a large-scale through sound, movement and emotion for 30 years

As the only theatre company organising large-scale performances for more than 30 years, Theatretrain brings together young people of all ages from across the nation. Through acting, dancing and singing, your children can be a part of an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

The performance arts start in the heart, which is why all our students have the chance to participate in our shows and share their passion for performing.

Types of shows

At Theatretrain, every student can participate in three different types of performance, each providing a wealth of experience and fun.

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Local Performance

In our local performances, your child’s company will perform a show for family, friends, and anyone who would like to see a talented group of young performers tell an enthralling story or entertain with an engaging theme. Watch as the performers demonstrate their impressive new dancing, acting and singing skills.

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National Show

This is the moment that eight companies come together to perform in a larger show, providing valuable real-world experience and vibrant memories. Your child will spend one half of the show in the choir, singing, and the other half dancing or acting their hearts out.

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Arena Show

Our incredible arena shows bring together up to 30 Theatretrain companies at venues like the Royal Albert Hall or O2 Arena. Hundreds of Theatretrain students perform together in a culmination of their in-depth training and professional skill-building. Over 30 years and 100 large-scale shows later, Theatretetrain’s arena shows remain a unique opportunity that no other theatre training company can provide with such breathtaking results.

“Theatre is storytelling to an audience. It helps us make sense of the world. It celebrates and probes what we are”

Why our large-scale shows are so important to our students…

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Grow as a performer and person

No amount of teaching or theory will ever have the same effect as standing in an auditorium. Participating in large shows like these will develop confidence, present opportunities to overcome fears and become momentous memories.

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Gain real performance experience

Nothing compares to the feeling of your first big performance in front of a live and unfamiliar audience. Many of our students find our large-scale shows to be a major confidence boost, and the experience encourages them to follow their passions.

theatretrain performance move royal albert hall 2019 03

Making the performing arts accessible to everyone

If your child wishes to continue their performing arts education into a career, the experience of a live show on this scale is invaluable. Working as part of a cohesive theatre group, our students put all of their learning into practice on the big day.

Our next show

We're Gonna Change The World

This show celebrated the company’s 103rd large scale show.

It asked the question – what is wrong with the world and what can we do to fix it?

The world leaders flew in to hear what was said!

Our previous shows

If you are a previous student of Theatretrain you can join our Facebook Theatretrain Alumni Page 

Here are some of the shows and theatres we’ve performed in since 1993. 

TTOnceUponATimeSadlersWells2024A5Poster 1

Once Upon a Time

May 2024 Sadlers Wells Theatre

We asked our companies to create their version of a well-known fairy story and use a theatre style to make it their own.

Each of the 7 companies has three songs, some dialogue and a piece of film music.

For one act of the show, all the performers join a large choir that sings and moves to support the work of others.


WereGonnaChangeTheWorldLandscape2023 1

We’re Gonna Change the World

September 2023 Royal Albert Hall

This show celebrated the company’s 100th and 101ST large-scale productions.

It asked the question – what is wrong with the world and what can we do to fix it?

The world leaders flew in to hear what was said!

theatretrain programme thumbnail move 2019


23rd June 2019, Royal Albert Hall

A celebration of the work of Rudolph Laban.

Using Laban’s 8 movement “efforts” the songs, dances and dramas showed the audience how time, energy, and space combine to make huge differences in storytelling.

theatretrain programme thumbnail special measures 2018

Special Measures

24th June 2018, Nottingham Concert Hall 

30th June & 1st July 2018, Sadlers Wells Theatre

The story of a failing secondary school who against the odds manages to win a national science award, but only through the power of the performing arts. 

Unusually the youngest performers are superheroes who cannot be seen by anyone except the audience.

theatretrain programme thumbnail 25 years

25 Years – a Celebration

4th September 2017, Royal Albert Hall

A miscellany of songs, dances, and dramas to celebrate 25 years of performing large-scale theatre.

theatretrain programme thumbnail how to make a hero 2016

How to Make a Hero

18th September 2015 & 20th September 2016, Royal Albert Hall

The story of the Greek Gods, how they created the earth and all the adventures that followed including Pandora’s Box and Icarus. 

In Act Two a huge boat comes and goes from the arena as the audience follows the story of the travelling Ulysees and his many adventures.

theatretrain programme thumbnail now then july 2015

Now Then

5th July 2015, Sadlers Wells Theatre

6th July 2014, London Palladium

27th May, 8th & 9th September 2012, Sadlers Wells Theatre

A history show with a difference. The older songs from the 60s and 70s are performed as a story of those times. The modern songs celebrate today.

theatretrain programme thumbnail step into christmas 2009

Step into Christmas

7th December 2014, The Adelphi Theatre

14th December 2009, Theatre Royal Drury Lane

6th & 13th December 2005, Apollo Theatre

A cornucopia of Christmas delights. Each centre bringing a different story to the seasonal theme and giving the audience that Christmas feeling – like a pile of presents.

theatretrain programme thumbnail july 2002 o2


14th Jul 2013, The O2

3500 performers. Half of them form a massive choir on one side of the arena while 29 marked out spaces become the journeying points of the other half of the cast. 

The show celebrates the many shows and themes explored in the previous 20 years.

theatretrain programme thumbnail licence to thrill

Licence to Thrill

23rd September 2012, Royal Albert Hall

James Bond, Honey Ryder, the evil Strake, and his sidekick Klench journey as they struggle to save the world. All of the Bond themes make an appearance. 

There is even a Pearl & Dean Cinema sequence to introduce the show as a piece of cinema.

theatretrain programme thumbnail i dont feel like dancing

I Don’t Feel Like Dancing!

25th September 2011 & 28th September 2008, Royal Albert Hall 

A show that starts out as protest against dance turns into a celebration of dance in all its forms with music that embraces everything from classical to modern and contemporary.

theatretrain programme thumbnail world voices for a better world 2010

Voices for a Better World

26th September 2010

This massive project brought together 120 young people from 24 countries all over the world. These young people began the World Children’s Performing Arts Ensemble. 

They combined with 1200 Theatretrain pupils to tell the story of two tribes who had to go to war to learn the value of peace.

theatretrain programme thumbnail rhythm blues summer 2010

Rhythm and Blues

13th June 2010, 17th June 2009, London Palladium

19th & 20th June 2010, 7th & 13th June 2009, Sadlers Wells Theatre

14th June 2009, Manchester Palace 

Act One used a range of Motown music to tell stories and send emotions soaring. Act Two was an adaption of the Blues Brothers film with specially created sets and costumes. 

The band was back together!

theatretrain programme thumbnail wonderous stories 2008

Wondrous Stories

22nd June 2007,
5th & 6th & 13th July 2008

Beginning with the story of Cinderella and costumes made from newspaper, Act One told stories of many types with a wide variety of music. 

Act Two was a scaled down version of the rock opera Tommy by The Who.

Full shows list

2019 Move! Royal Albert Hall

2018 Special Measures Nottingham Concert Hall 

2018 Special Measures Sadlers Wells Theatre

2017 25 Years – a Celebration Royal Albert Hall

2016 How to Make a Hero Royal Albert Hall

2015 Now Then Sadlers Wells Theatre

2015 How to Make a Hero Royal Albert Hall

2014 Step into Christmas The Adelphi Theatre

2014 Step into Christmas Theatre Royal Drury Lane

2014 Now Then The London Palladium

2013 20@O2 The O2 Arena

2012 Licence to Thrill Royal Albert Hall

2012 Now Then Sadlers Wells

2011 I Don’t Feel Like Dancing! Royal Albert Hall

2011 From a Spark to a Flame  Tolpuddle Festival

2010 Voices for a Better World Royal Albert Hall

2010 Rhythm and Blues London Palladium

2010 Rhythm and Blues Sadlers Wells Theatre

2009 Step into Christmas Theatre Royal Drury Lane

2009 Rhythm and Blues London Palladium

2009 Rhythm and Blues Sadlers Wells Theatre 

2009 Rhythm and Blues Manchester Palace

2008 I Don’t Feel Like Dancing!  Royal Albert Hall

2008 Wondrous Stories London Palladium

2007 The Long and Winding Road Royal Albert Hall

2007 Wondrous Stories London Palladium

2006 Songs of the Century Royal Albert Hall

2006 Licence to Thrill Theatre Royal Drury Lane

2006 The Petticoat Rebellion Shaftesbury Theatre

2005 Bash the Bard Her Majesty’s Theatre

2005 Step into Christmas Apollo Theatre

2005 Licence to Thrill Theatre Royal Drury Lane 

2004 Songs of the Century Royal Albert Hall

2004 The Long and Winding Road Dominion Theatre

2004 The Long and Winding Road Palace Theatre, Manchester

2003 The Motown Show Theatre Royal Drury  Lane 

2003 The Motown Show Dominion Theatre

2003 The Motown Show Manchester Palace Theatre

2003 Calling All Stations Her Majesty’s Theatre

2002 From a Spark to a Flame Tolpuddle Festival

2002 Protest The Old Vic

2002 Let’s Dance Theatre Royal Drury Lane

2002 Calling All Stations Her Majesty’s Theatre

2001 Life and Soul the Gameshow Her Majesty’s Theatre

2001 Life and Soul the Gameshow Theatre Royal Drury Lane

2000 Heroes Her Majesty’s Theatre

2000 Heroes Lyceum Theatre

1999 Songs of the Century The London Palladium

1998 Food and Drink Bloomsbury Theatre

1997 The Long and Winding Road Theatre Royal Drury Lane

1996 On the Stage Bloomsbury Theatre

1995 From a Distance Towngate Theatre 

1995 From a Distance Hackney Empire

1995 Rythm and Hues The Brentwood Centre

1994 The Power of Love Bloomsbury Theatre

1994 Senses Towngate Theatre

1993 Louder than Words Bloomsbury Theatre

Our next large scale production

Theatreatrain’s 100th large-scale production is titled ‘We’re Gonna Change The World’. It will take place on the 17th September 2023.


This will be our 12th show held at the Royal Albert Hall, and since it’s our 100th production, we’ve made sure it’s going to be an unforgettable experience for our performers and audience alike.

When creating this show, we asked our students, their parents and our creatives what they thought was wrong with the world. We received thoughtful, insightful and powerful responses, equal to 50 A4 pages. From this, we built We’re Gonna Change The World around the ideas of our children and community, the problems they see in the world and most importantly – how we could fix them.

Like our previous performances, you can expect a vibrant blend of theatre skills. An impressive 500-strong choir and a large orchestra will plunge you into this moving story. We put our students front and centre, allowing them to take the spotlight  for about 80% of the show, letting their enthusiasm flow.

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