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More than just a local drama club

About Theatretrain

At Theatretrain, we offer practical, engaging performing arts training for children and young people. Using a theatre-centred programme designed by industry-leading expert Kevin Dowsett, our students aren’t just entertained; they’re inspired and taught the core elements of dance, acting and singing.

Discover the thrill of theatre with the Theatretrain way

The Theatretrain Way puts theatre front and centre in your child’s performing arts training. We focus on giving our students the full experience, encouraging them to engage as part of a group while learning the fundamentals of sound, time, space, attitude, movement and storytelling. 

This method combines inspiring training and essential theatre practices, creating better performers and confident young people.

We encourage young people to release inhibitions in a safe and constructive environment

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The Theatretrain story

Since 1992, Theatretrain has allowed young people to discover themselves and develop valuable skills. It’s up to them to decide whether they take those positive skills into a future career in the arts or their general life.

We make sure every student feels they are a part of something bigger, and sometimes that means literally! Unique to Theatretrain are our large-scale events at breathtaking venues that have previously included the Royal Albert Hall and major London West End theatres. At its heart, Theatretrain is a space that makes professional theatre training accessible to children of all ages – no auditions necessary!

Start your own Theatretrain company

Want to work full-time in the performing arts? Looking to earn more doing what you love while working with passionate young people? Have you dreamt of starting your own theatre company but need some support from like-minded professionals? 

Join the Theatretrain family as a franchisee! When you open your very own Theatretrain company, you receive full artistic and business training to get you started, as well as ongoing training and a continuous support programme. At Theatretrain, we work collaboratively, not competitively, so you’ll join a huge, supportive community.

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“Theatre is storytelling to an audience. It helps us make sense of the world. It celebrates and probes what we are”

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Our people

The Theatretrain team is full of dedicated theatre professionals, acting coaches, dance instructors, singing instructors and creative performing arts experts. With our Artistic Director, Kevin Dowsett, leading the way, Theatretrain pioneers a uniquely theatre-based focus which puts the performer first.

Our Patrons

Put your personal and professional development centre stage at Theatretrain!

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