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Does your child love to perform?

Become part of a Theatre Training Company that inspires, entertains and has FUN!

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Develop your theatre skills

Learn the skills you need to become an amazing performer. Our sessions dedicate time to vocal skills, expression through movement and in-depth theatre training.

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Ready to join an ensemble?

Theatretrain gives your child the advantage of a curriculum overseen by Kevin Dowsett, a respected theatre professional who trained stars like Catherine Tate and Lucy Davis.

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Enjoy every session!

Most of all, we want our students to have fun. That’s why our sessions are active, group-based and designed to build confidence on and off the stage.

Get ready for our 100th large-scale production: We’re Gonna Change the World

A theatre company like no other…

Theatretrain is more than a performing arts school – it is a fully-fledged professional theatre training company for young people.

We give your child or young person the opportunity to perform regularly in many different venues – some local, some national – whilst developing and exploring all the skills they’ll need as a performer.

This is theatre training like no other and we’re proud to lead the field in what we do.

Try a session before you commit

Join Us For A No-Obligation Trial Session At Your Closest Theatre Company

Thousands of children love every minute of their Theatretrain experience. Could your child find inspiration and joy through theatre training? Book your taster session with your nearest theatre company to be sure it’s right for your child before you commit to signing up.

Why choose Theatretrain?

Be a part of large-scale performances

Would your child love to perform at landmark venues like the Royal Albert Hall and in London’s West End? Our large-scale performances give our students the chance to gain real stage experience.

Where dreams become opportunities

Your child can have the opportunity to audition to be on the books of a reputable theatre agency with connections to Theatretrain, taking the first step toward an exciting career!

Build confidence and friendships

The Theatretrain Way puts the theatre aspect of performance arts training at the forefront, giving your child a better understanding of storytelling, creative expression and self-confidence.

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About Theatretrain

Professional, fun theatre training for 4-18-year-olds

Since 1992, Theatretrain has given young people the space to learn key theatre skills in dance, singing and acting. Artistic Director and Founder, Kevin Dowsett, brings together 50 years of outstanding performing arts experience to teach your child the fundamentals of theatre in a vibrant, welcoming space.

Performing arts training nationwide

Our theatre training sessions take place nationwide in our network of theatre companies. Our sessions are engaging, structured and enjoyed by all ages!

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Main Company (Ages 6-18)

Dance, Act & Sing To Build Confidence & Performance Skills

The main company is divided into the following age groups: 6-8-year-olds, 9-12-year-olds, and 13-18-year-olds. These sessions become rehearsals for performances later in the year.

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Junior Ensemble (Ages 3-5)

Fun Foundation Theatre Training For Your Little Ones

In these 45- and 90-minute sessions, your young performer will participate in all three main subjects and learn the basic skills of stagecraft.

What people think about Theatretrain…

Work toward memorable performances at iconic venues…

Perform in large-scale shows and take the spotlight

At Theatretrain, we see our students as performers, not pupils. Every class prepares them to be resilient, resourceful and creative in everything they do, both on the stage and in daily life. Theatretrain isn’t just another drama club – it’s an experience!

Our students have the opportunity to perform in the UK’s top theatres in regular shows. Your child can also get the chance to audition for our agency representation connections, encouraging them to follow their passion.

Theatretrain FAQs

Theatretrain offers performance arts training for passionate young people of all ages. Prices can vary depending on the age of your child and your chosen Theatretrain company. But fees can start from £8-25. Find your local Theatretrain company here…

We’ve received tons of feedback from parents with children at Theatretrain, and they all note how much their child’s confidence has been boosted. Our sessions are group-based and actively led by theatre training professionals, so your child can learn to express themselves and make friendships in a safe space.

Theatretrain offers training throughout the UK! We have companies offering sessions nationwide. Find your nearest Theatretrain company here…

Book your taster sessions by finding your local Theatretrain company and booking your initial taster session! Or, if you have a question, use our contact form to ask us anything.

Want to become a Theatretrain franchisee?

Love theatre and want to help young people find their place in the performing arts with your own Theatretrain company? Become a Franchisee!

Theatre is where we make sense of the world. It’s where we bring our hopes, dreams, fears and joy.

Discover more…

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Sharing the Work

Delve into the magic behind the scenes! In his latest blog, Theatretrain Artistic Director, Kevin Dowsett, shares the enchanting experience of attending the end-of-term sharing at Theatretrain. Despite the disclaimer that it wasn't a traditional show, the talent and dedication of the young performers shone brightly.
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Nurturing Creative Sparks: Insights for Your Child’s Growth

Ever wondered how embracing diverse passions could transform your child’s future? Let me share a story about Viola Davis, once a curious whirlwind exploring acting, dance, and music. Her journey wasn’t just about finding a passion; it sculpted her confidence, poise, and profound self-understanding. Ready to unlock your child's potential through the magic of performing arts?
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Celebrating Small Wins: The Key to Thriving, On stage and Off

Ever pondered life's lessons through a simple seed? Join a journey with retired botanist Professor Harold, teaching kids in his vibrant garden. From planting a seed to weathering storms, the garden mirrors life's small victories. Just as nurturing a garden transforms, nurturing young talents at Theatretrain celebrates every sprouting leaf and budding flower. Explore the transformative power at Theatretrain and unlock your child's artistic potential!
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A Great Cause!

In this week's blog, Theatretrain's Artistic Director expresses gratitude to the remarkable students and parents who played a crucial role in the danceathon on October 7th. Together, they raised an impressive £48,254.00 for Theodora Children's Charity, supporting their Christmas campaign for children's mental health. The collective efforts will undoubtedly make a significant impact on Theodora's valuable work, bringing joy and laughter to children in hospitals and hospices nationwide.
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