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Professional theatre training
for 4-18 year olds

We welcome children and young people from across the UK who want to express themselves creatively and benefit from professional classes in singing, acting and dancing. Their skills are showcased in local and national performances every year.

Drama club, singing class, dance training?

Theatretrain is so much more. Not just another theatre school, it is a theatre company – training with a difference. You join a community of children and young people who are learning the joy of performing and gaining valuable life skills as they do it.

Theatre is where we make sense of the world. It’s where we bring our hopes, dreams, fears and joy.

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A message from Kevin

When we talk about being a theatre company it’s because we work with performers rather than pupils. Performers learn to prepare. To use their own resources. Their mind. Their imagination. Their creativity. Their body and what it can do.  They learn how to think and work with others. 

They also prepare to perform. How to communicate. They learn how to rehearse, how to overcome obstacles. How to do the work of moving, speaking and singing. This work grows out of the earlier work on themselves. Then, by performing in theatres with proper back up and seats, a curtain and an audience, they discover the professional ethos of how you present a performance. 

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theatretrain international summer school

International Summer School: Staying the Course

Our Founder and Artistic Director, Kevin Dowsett, recently went to the beautiful Royal Hospital School in Holbrook, Ipswich to see the end of week performance by the annual Theatretrain International Summer School. Here's his take on the experience.
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