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Theatretrain is a community of performing arts professionals, so it’s no surprise we have connections with one of the UK’s top acting agencies. At Theatretrain, your child may find a passion for performing that goes well beyond our sessions. It can be difficult to get an initial footing with reputable agencies, which is why we give our students the opportunity to interview with Goldmans Children’s Acting Agency. 

Student stories

How it works

Step 1

Join Theatretrain at a location near you, and you’ll have the opportunity to get in front of a real agency. Our connection to Goldmans allows your child the chance to audition and be represented professionally so they can find work in TV, film and advertisements.

Step 2

If your child is interested in taking roles in all areas of entertainment, we will put you forward to audition with Goldmans, often taking place on planned workshop days. If your child is successful, they can expect to be contacted by Goldmans for further information.

Step 3

Students at Theatretrain who have found representation from our partner agency, Goldmans have gone on to star in a variety of roles. These include Black Mirror, Dr Who, in shows in London’s West End, and so much more. With Goldmans, this could be just the beginning of your child’s performance fun!

About Goldmans Management

Goldmans Management is a talent management company with a dedicated ‘kids’ division run by Susie Blundell. With a myriad of connections in TV, film, commercials and theatre, Goldmans is uniquely positioned to shine the light on your child’s standout talent for roles big and small. 

Goldmans Kids is a member of the Agents of Young Performers Association, or AYPA, and they are also proud to be a part of the executive committee. AYPA puts your child’s wellbeing first, and takes continuous positive steps toward creating a safe and positive environment for young performers nationwide. 

The welfare of children in the entertainment industry is of paramount importance to Goldman’s Management, which is why acting will only take place once a Child Performance Licence is in place. Susie works closely with you, the parents, and the production companies to ensure your child has the enjoyable and safe experience they deserve.

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