This policy gives you information on how Theatretrain collects, uses and protects data collected by/ submit- ted to us.

Data Protection

Theatretrain (Head Office) is following the new Regulations for Data Protection, it’s use, storage and protec- tion; and passing those Regulations on to each individual Franchisee. Theatretrain (Head Office) franchises each Territory out and accepts no responsibility for any failure by an individual Franchisee to comply with the correct Policy and instructions given. Each individual Franchisee bears all responsibility for the Collection, use and protection of the data they hold and process.

Data Collection

We only collect Data that is voluntarily given to us.

Data is collected though our website for potential students (and their parents), potential franchisees and potential teachers looking for work.

Further data is collected when a student joins Theatretrain as a member, a teacher starts supplying teaching Services and a Franchise Enquiry becomes a Franchisee or any other member of staff is engaged.

Data Use

Data is collected for a various number of purposes:

  1. To respond to enquiries requesting our services.
  2. To ensure that necessary information can be easily, quickly and efficiently given to you.
  3. To ensure quick and efficient Customer Service.
  4. To ensure the Health and Safety of our students and teachers/team members. 
  5. To comply with any law that is necessary.
  6. To distribute marketing and promotional material 

Data Security

In order to maintain the Security of your Data we use appropriate Physical and Electronic safeguards to protect your personal data from loss and unauthorised access, however cannot guarantee that unauthorised third parties may never overcome those measure, with the Internet being an open system.

Data Retention

You Data is only held for the following reasons:

  1. Student data is only held whilst Students are current members of classes and is destroyed once a student leaves and there are no outstanding fees to be paid, unless required for Legal reasons.
  2. Teachers’/Team Members’ data is only held whilst they are providing teaching Services for Theatretrain, on leaving, information is destroyed, unless required for Legal reasons.
  3. Franchisees data is only held whilst they are current Franchisees and once no longer a franchisee, will be destroyed, unless required for Legal reasons.
  4. Names, email addresses, postal addresses/postcodes and telephone numbers are held for marketing purposes, if you no longer wish to receive our marketing materials, please unsubscribe.

Third Party Websites we are not held responsible for the Data Security system of any third party web- site.

Your rights

You have the right to

  1. see any of the information held by us for you (and your child/ren), please see your Theatre Company/Centre Director.
  2. change or delete it. Please note that certain information if deleted may compromise the membership of your child with Theatretrain.

Any changes will be implemented within one Calendar month.

Changes to our Policy

Theatretrain retains the right to update our Privacy Policy at any time and if so will post this fact on our Main website and will do our utmost to ensure that you have received a notification from your Theatre Company/Centre Director.

Sharing personal information. 

We do not use your data for anything else and it will NEVER be passed onto Third Parties, with the following exceptions

  1. To the Local Authority when required for childrens’ performances.
  2. To the relevant bodies when exams are taken
  3. If a Franchise Territory is sold onto another person, then your data will be transferred to the new Theatre Company/Centre Director, in order to maintain consistency and Customer Service.
  4. To medical bodies in case of emergency.
  5. For any other legal requirement.

Permission for video and Photos to be used

Photographs and film footage will be taken of your child in both classroom and performance settings, to be used in online and offline marketing and publicity. You must actively OPT IN to give us your consent, and know that photos and film footage may still be used after your child has left Theatretrain.

Lawful Basis for Processing

All information held will be held for one of these bases Legitimate, Consensual and Contractual necessity.