Professional Performing Arts Classes With Theatretrain

Weekly performing arts sessions to build your child’s confidence and theatre skills

Professional theatre training is most effective when it’s FUN! We take dance, acting and singing  a step further, bringing the key elements of theatre into every exciting session. Our expert Creative Team both challenge and guide your young performers, teaching them the fundamentals of performance.

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What to expect from a Theatretrain class

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It’s more than steps! We teach the technique of movement in a variety of styles. Dancers learn to engage their thinking and feeling.

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It’s more than making up scenes. Our performers learn to create characters, develop situations and use atmosphere and focus to make it happen NOW.

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It’s more than singing a song together. Our performers learn how to bring their feelings to the audience and to tell the story.

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Theatretrain sessions

Our weekly sessions cover the 3 key principles of performing – dance, acting and singing.

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Main Company (Ages 6-18)

The Main Company Group offers our largest sessions, which bring students together to learn as part of an ensemble. Your child will master the basics of singing, dancing and acting, rehearsing for performances that take place in the second half of the year.

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Junior Ensemble (Ages 3-5)

We’re only performing arts company for young people with a Trustpilot Excellent Rating based on 350+ reviews

There's more

Some of our Theatretrain Companies offer exciting extras that your child can get involved in. By participating in these groups, they can further develop their confidence, gain a better understanding of certain aspects of performance and have tremendous fun. These additional opportunities include…

Advanced Acting

Take your acting further with the “Theatretrain Way”, Kevin Dowsett’s unique approach to creating exceptional performers.

Advanced Dance

Focus on a particular dance genre, such as ballet, street dance or tap and develop incredible skills in these specialist sessions.

Advanced Singing/Choir

If your child loves to sing, our advanced sessions will help hone their musical comprehension and nurture their ability.

Holiday Workshops & Camps

These 1-5 days workshops run midweek during school holidays in appropriate age groups. Your child will spend each day immersed in a world of imagination and fun – alongside new friends!

After School Clubs

Is your child still bouncing about after school? Let them put their energy to good use in our enjoyable clubs covering drama, dance and musical theatre.

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Perform in memorable venues

Does your toddler or teen dream of being on the stage? Does your child have a natural flair or hidden talent when it comes to performing? All of our students get the chance to perform in regular shows, including large-scale events at incredible venues like the Royal Albert Hall and London West End theatres.

Encouraging bold performances in a supportive space

Our Directors are experts in performance arts training and are dedicated to combining the essential elements of theatre with thoughtful, inspiring teaching methods. We make sure your child feels seen, heard and, most of all, supported as they develop confidence in themselves and their new abilities.


Theatretrain FAQs

We separate our performing arts training companies by age, allowing each group to experience training that’s appropriate for their cohort.

  • 6-18 year-olds take a weekly 3-hour session that includes acting, dancing and singing in equal parts moving from individual skills to performance over the year.
  • 4-6 year-olds take a weekly 90-minute session that includes acting, dancing and singing
  • Some companies also offer weekly 45-minute sessions for 3-year-olds which cover the foundations of theatre expression in a creative environment,  with several of our companies offering advanced training outside of the main scheduled sessions.

Main Company sessions are divided into the following age ranges:

Group 1: 6-9-year-olds
Group 2: 9-12-year-olds
Group 3: 13-18-year-olds

Junior Ensemble: TT Minis & TT Tinies: 3-5-year-olds

Our sessions are billed on a termly basis, which can be paid in one lump sum or spread across a few payments with our payment plan option. You must pay the full amount regardless of missed sessions or planned holiday absences. Find your local company for full pricing information…

Book your taster sessions by finding your local Theatretrain company and booking your initial taster session! Or, if you have a question, use our contact form to ask us anything.

At Theatretrain, we focus on bringing together all the important elements of dancing, acting and singing in a group environment. That means our sessions are ideal for children who want to try something new in a comfortable environment where they can make lifelong friends.

Our theatre, music and dance training all offer a unique blend of professional theatre experiences and expert teaching methods to set your child up for a bright future – on or off the stage! Your child will benefit from a model and framework pioneered by theatre professional Kevin Dowsett, and training from professional theatre creatives with real world experience. 

Nope! We don’t ask our students to audition for their place at Theatretrain because we believe everyone should have access to expert training in singing, dance and acting regardless of previous experience or existing ability. Students quickly learn and enjoy our training methods.

You can use our Find a Company Near You page to search for your local centre. With over 60 companies across England and North Wales, we’re hopeful that you will find one within an easy distance for our weekly sessions.

Generally speaking, sessions take place on a Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon, with some taking place on a Friday evening. To get more specific times and dates for sessions, use our Find a Company Near You page to search for your local company or go to the top right of the page and enter your town or postcode into the search bar.

The cost of our training will depend on your local company, and there are additional costs you need to consider, such as the cost of uniforms or costumes. However, to give you a general idea of pricing can range from £12-£25 per session. Use our Find a Company page to search for your local Theatretrain company and find out the exact prices for sessions in your area.

You can ask us anything else that’s on your mind! It’s best to contact the director for your local Theatretrain company. Use our Find a Company page to find contact details for your local company.

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