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The standard of teaching we offer at Theatretrain is exceptional. Students learn from professionals who are passionate about what they do, follow a well-thought out curriculum and are able to progress students on the journey to reaching their full potential.

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What to expect from a Theatretrain class

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It’s more than steps! We teach the technique of movement in a variety of styles. Dancers learn to engage their thinking and feeling.

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It’s more than making up scenes. Our performers learn to create characters, develop situations and use atmosphere and focus to make it happen NOW.

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It’s more than singing a song together. Our performers learn how to bring their feelings to the audience and to tell the story.

Using feelings to connect with space and story

See how Theatretrain works like no other company

See the choir and arena working together – all 3500 of them. They storytell their feelings about music in space using sound and movement. From the opening Barbie dolls to the closing moments you see a company – bigger than the sum of its parts.

This 2 minute video was created during class. 

It storytells in different spaces, it engages feelings.  It uses sound and movement.

In two-minutes this single shot video tells the story of one of our centres whose venue had to close in the pandemic.

You see storytelling, sound and movement and feelings. The power of the group in the space grabs hold of you.

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Building confidence

Theatretrain offers professional training, designed by an industry-leading expert, which gets to the heart of what it is to be a performer. Our unique curriculum focuses on four main aspects of being a performer.

Technical skills

Each week we focus on individual skills in acting, singing and dancing with an hour's tuition in each discipline for Main School students with highly-qualified teachers.

Working as a group

Students experience what it is like to work in a professional ensemble. This is where we develop empathy, teamwork, connecting with feelings, storytelling, movement, space, time and sound.

Encouraging Creativity

The Theatretrain Way focuses on empowering young people in every aspect of their lives. We work on self-esteem, confidence, empathy, resilience, creative thinking, commitment, focus and communication skills.


Bringing the learning together in end of year performances, all our students perform at local theatres or large-scale West End venues. This gives all students the experience of performing at a professional level.

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Events and performances

In addition to shows that we produce locally, every Theatretrain centre is part of the national network and participates in large-scale performances in major venues including the Royal Albert Hall and West End theatres.

Inspiring our students to succeed

We encourage all of our students to reflect and learn from each and every performance, whether that’s as an individual or as a group. The benchmark is whether you have successfully conveyed to an audience what you wanted to. We don’t do external assessments, but all centres have their own certificates and rewards.

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