Theatretrain Sutton students perform Madagascar
February 29, 2024

Have an Amazing Time at Theatretrain Sutton with the 4 Zoosters!

Theatretrain Sutton invites you to escape the “zoo” of life in the city and join them on a transatlantic musical adventure when its students perform DreamWorks Madagascar – A Musical Adventure JR.on Sunday, 30 June. Based on the DreamWorks Animation Motion Picture, the show follows a group of Central Park Zoo animals who are unexpectedly shipped to Africa.

“DreamWorks Madagascar – A Musical Adventure JR. follows four friends who are thrust into an exciting, high-stakes, international adventure at the very moment in which they start to imagine the possibilities beyond the safe environment in which they live,” says Drew Cohen, president of Music Theatre International (MTI). “The Theatretrain Sutton students are on a similar journey, they are experimenting with new skill sets as they venture into new territory personally and creatively, and they are forming new friendships through the shared experience of collaborating on this show,” he adds.  MTI, through its Broadway Junior™ division, works with the authors of classic musicals to create special editions suitable for students to perform.

Theatretrain Sutton will be performing DreamWorks Madagascar – A Musical Adventure JR. on Sunday, 30 June at the CryerArts Centre, 39 High St, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 3BB.   

DreamWorks Madagascar – A Musical Adventure JR. features original music and lyrics by George Noriega and Joel Someillan and a book by Kevin Del Aguila.  As the show opens we learn that Marty the zebra may be celebrating his tenth birthday at the Central Park Zoo with his friends Alex the lion, Gloria the hippo, and Melman the giraffe, yet he longs to experience life outside of the zoo’s walls. When Marty eventually escapes, his animal friends from the zoo pursue him into New York City. After reuniting, the animals are chased by the police, and ultimately felled by tranquilizer darts. They awake, trapped in crates, on a ship, which – through a series of events – is thrown off course.  Upon reaching land the animals discover they have been shipwrecked on the island of Madagascar.  Ultimately, it is only in being so lost that they can begin to discover where they really belong.

Theatretrain Sutton’s student will all take part in dancing, singing and acting their way to a musical extravaganza and through the process will also learn a lot about themselves and what they are capable of. They will build their confidence and learn to take command of a stage, no matter how big or small their part may be. Many of the students will step outside their comfort zone and overcome insecurities to see what they are actually capable of. In addition, they will develop their communication and public-speaking skills, putting them ahead of their peers. Learning to work collaboratively, and having mutual respect for each other, is an integral part of working as part of a company to put on a show and along the way they’ll also build their team-working skills. As part of the rehearsal and performance process they will use a lot of non-verbal communication by watching and reacting to other performers in the space, and this is a skill which will have many benefits for them now and in later life. Furthermore, the young performers will develop stamina and learn perseverance as there is a lot of hard work and commitment expected from all those involved in the performance. Finally, all those involved learn about accountability as they are not only responsible for themselves and their part in the performance, but also how their part works and affects the performance as a whole.

DreamWorks Madagascar – A Musical Adventure JR. is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).  All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI, 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019 Phone: 212-541-4684 Fax: 212-397-4684

Theatretrain Sutton students perform Madagascar

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