April 7, 2022

Pandemic has negatively affected children’s social and friendship-building skills.

An Ofsted report published this week by Gov.uk has noted ‘the negative impact on children’s personal, social and emotional development, with many lacking confidence in group activities.’ In addition, ‘Children’s social and friendship-building skills have been affected.’

The report also comments on the pandemic’s continued effect on young children’s communication and language development. As part of the report, many providers commented on the delays they’ve noticed in speech and language in young children and shared their concerns.

If left unaddressed, this could potentially cause problems for children at primary school in the future.

On the recovery of children, Amanda Spielman said there were “lingering challenges”. She went on to say, “I’m particularly concerned about the increased delays in vocabulary acquisition and communication skills. And linked to this, children’s social skills are not as strong.” She went on to add that, if left unaddressed, this could potentially cause problems for children at primary school in the future.

While on the BBC, Spielman shared her findings, in that the pandemic, and subsequent lockdowns, had resulted in delays in learning and developing speech and language, problems with social interaction and confidence, children not knowing how to take turns, and struggling to make friends.

What can parents do to help their children?

The inspectorate did say that it saw “lots of really good work” across early years and school, with most education providers working hard to close gaps in pupils’ knowledge and skills. But is that enough, and what can parents do to help their children?

Involving your children in activities where they can actively: develop their language and communication skills; improve their personal, social, and emotional development; and increase their confidence would be an excellent place to start.

Activities such as cubs, rainbows, drama classes – and performing arts generally – offer young children a perfect opportunity to develop all those skills.

At Theatretrain we offer Minis and Tinies classes for children aged 3-5 years old which encompass singing, dancing, acting and storytelling. 

Theatretrain Minis and Tinies classes.

Theatretrain’s Tinies & Minis classes provide thrilling creative outlet opportunities for your children while allowing them to develop bags of confidence. Whilst giving them an exciting introduction to performing arts they will rapidly build their language and communication skills, develop their social and emotional abilities, get fit, make friends and have fun.

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