January 29, 2024

Centre of Excellence Award

I am excited to announce that Theatretrain Hitchin and Theatretrain Stevenage have been awarded a “Centre of Excellence” Award for the 2nd Year in a row!

So what is a Centre of Excellence Award and why should you care?

When it comes to the world of performing arts education, Theatretrain is a name that stands out. Not only do we offer exceptional training for young talent, but we also take the time to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of our centres. The “Centre of Excellence” award,  is given to centres that not only meet but exceed the standards set by the head office.

Setting the Standard

Theatretrain is all about excellence, and we don’t take it lightly. To be eligible for the Centre of Excellence award, a Centre must demonstrate excellence in several key areas. These areas encompass how the Centre is run, adherence to our unique “Theatretrain Way,” providing ample performance opportunities, and adopting best business practices.

Running the Show

The first criterion for earning the Centre of Excellence award is how the Centre is managed. It’s not just about teaching the performing arts; it’s about creating a well-rounded and professional environment for young performers to thrive. This means effective administration, clear communication, and a commitment to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere for all involved.

Embracing the Theatretrain Way

The Theatretrain approach is what sets us apart from other performing arts schools, and it’s vital that our Centres embrace and embody this philosophy. The Centre of Excellence award recognizes centers that not only teach performing arts but do so in a way that aligns with Theatretrain’s unique methodology. This ensures consistency and quality across all centers in the Theatretrain network.


Spotlight on Performance

Performance opportunities are crucial for young performers to develop their skills and gain confidence. A Centre of Excellence goes above and beyond to provide these opportunities, whether it’s through regular shows, showcases, or special events. These Centres create platforms for their students to shine, fostering a deep appreciation for the performing arts.

Best Business Practices

Excellence extends beyond the stage. Theatretrain Centres recognised as a Centre of Excellence also excel in the business aspects of running a performing arts school. This includes efficient financial management, marketing strategies, and community engagement. A well-run business ensures the sustainability of the center and its ability to continue nurturing young talent.

Theatretrain’s Centre of Excellence award is more than just a token of appreciation; it’s a testament to the dedication and commitment of the Centre to the world of performing arts. By setting and exceeding high standards in management, embracing the Theatretrain Way, providing performance opportunities, and adhering to best business practices, we play a pivotal role in shaping the future of young performers.

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