Meet Kevin: Founder of Theatretrain

Kevin has taught drama and acting, first in schools, as a team leader for GCSE examinations in Drama then at the Curtain Theatre, a well respected London training theatre. Since founding Theatretrain in 1992 he has worked in many drama schools training professional actors including a stint as Head of Acting at  the Italia Conti Academy.

For  6 years he taught Advanced Acting Process at the City Literary Institute, a course for professional actors.

Kevin has led workshops in many European countries and continues to adjudicate in theatre festivals and teach at international summer schools. From 2007-13 he was the President of EDERED – a pan European theatre organisation creating annual drama encounters.

Since 2003 he has been the President of the Great Britain centre of the International Amateur Theatre Association. 

Among his published works are the musical play Dream Date published by Samuel French Ltd, “The Theatretrain Way” a handbook for teachers and for young people “100 Days – Developing the Performer’s Mindset.”

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Books by Kevin

100 Days: Developing the Performers Mindset

The Theatretrain Way: A Handbook for Drama Teachers