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Our theatre classes take place at Stopsley Community Primary School, Luton, where our students to come together every Saturday to connect, learn and create in a safe and inspiring environment. Through performing arts, we give children and young adults the tools they need, not just to reach their potential on stage, but also to thrive at school and lay the foundations for their future. 

About Theatretrain Luton

Theatretrain Luton is run by Centre Directors Gabrielle and Lauren.  We are part of a large network of Theatretrain Centre’s across the UK, which means we can tap into the network and connect with industry leading experts in the performing arts industry. 

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Meet the Theatretrain Luton team

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Meet Gabrielle and Lauren, your Centre Directors

Gabrielle and Lauren have always had a passion for performing arts, ever since they were both very young.

Gabrielle participated in various local performances groups, later studying drama, singing and dance. Gabrielle then became a teaching assistant at a primary school where she managed and ran an extra curricular musical theatre club. Gabrielle then moved on to become the performing arts coordinator at a school in London, where she directed 3 shows a year alongside a team of teachers. All of this alongside teaching singing privately to children, as well as at Theatretrain Luton. Despite moving to Essex, Gabrielle’s passion for teaching at Theatretrain Luton encouraged her to continue teaching, commuting every week to inspire the Theatretrain children.

Lauren has been involved with Theatretrain for the last 23 years. She attended Theatretrain as a student from the age of 7, then became a centre manager at Theatretrain when she turned 18, as well as becoming a drama and singing teacher for three separate Theatretrain centres. Lauren has a BA (Hons) degree in Theatre and Professional Practice, as well as various completed courses in child education and young lives. Lauren currently works as a teaching assistant in a primary school, as well as being the subject lead for Key stage 1 and 2 music. 

Whilst both working at Theatretrain Luton in 2021, the opportunity to become centre directors arose, and Gabrielle and Lauren jumped at the chance! They have thoroughly enjoyed running Theatretrain Luton for the past year and look forward to expanding the Theatretrain Luton family evermore.


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Drama Teacher

Hannah started out her journey in performing arts by attending Theatretrain for over 10 years. Alongside this, Hannah studied musical theatre, gaining distinctions in her exams. Hannah holds a BA (Hons) degree in Visual Theatre, specialising in Physical Theatre. After moving back to the area, Hannah was excited to return to Theatretrain as a Drama Teacher.


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Singing Teacher

As well as being one of the Centre Directors for Theatretrain Luton, Lauren is also the singing teacher. She loves to delve into different genres in her singing lesson, expanding children’s experience of music and knowledge. Lauren’s background in drama allows her and the Theatretrain students to fully explore all aspects of songs within their lessons, bringing storylines and physical exploration of songs to life as a group.


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Dance Teacher

Tracy trained at the Urdang Academy before embarking on her career in teaching dance. She has taught various styles of dance over the years, but her absolute love is that for the performing arts. She has worked at a number of different Theatretrain venues for the past 25 years, continuing to bring excitement and variety to each dance class she delivers.


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