October 25, 2022

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Shows

As we get closer to the festive season, there will be no shortage of seasonal stage entertainment, from school nativities to good old panto. While we all love the crowd participation courtesy of the favoured pantomime dame, we definitely encourage taking the kids to experience all kinds of theatre but there are some that are more family friendly than others. 

Here are our top picks for shows that the whole family can enjoy.

Recommended ages: 6+

Roald Dahl’s classic was adapted for the stage with original songs by musician/comedian Tim Minchin and the amazing reviews don’t lie, plus the show already has a stack of awards and accolades to its name. Follow the titular Matlida, a daring and bold little girl with a fantastical imagination as she leads audiences through her remarkable story; even adults won’t be able to resist this much-loved story playing out before them. 

Book Tickets: https://uk.matildathemusical.com/tickets/tickets/

The Lion King
Recommended ages: 6+

Disney classics are always fun for the whole family and The Lion King is a prime example of a stage adaptation done well. From the divine costumes to the well-loved musical numbers, it’s an experience all fans of the film should experience at least once. 

Book Tickets: https://www.thelionking.co.uk/london

War Horse
Recommended ages: 10+

It’s been seen by more than 8 million people across the globe, with continued acclaim and praise wherever it is performed. The story follows a young boy’s horse who is sold to fight on the front lines of the First World War in France. The moving story is a good choice for older children (be mindful that the show includes loud effects, flashing lights and gunfire).

Book Tickets: https://www.londontheatredirect.com/play/war-horse-tickets

School of Rock
Recommended ages: 6+

Let’s get ready to rock! Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage adaptation of the hilarious film debuted in 2015 and has been delighting audiences ever since. Dewey Finn is a failed rock star-turned-substitute teacher who finds more than he bargained for with a class full of musical prodigies. A must-watch for fans of the original film, this energetic show will delight the whole family.

Book Tickets: https://uk.schoolofrockthemusical.com/tickets/

Recommended ages: 6+

We’ve been running Frozen workshops at some of our Theatretrain centres, which are already proving incredibly popular. And why wouldn’t they be? The charming story of two sisters finding their way with the help of a fun array of characters has been an instant classic since its release.

Book Tickets: https://frozenthemusical.co.uk/ticket-information/

The Tiger Who Came to Tea
Recommended ages: 3+

One of Britain’s best-loved children’s books is brought to life in stunning and colourful fashion on the stage to much acclaim. What happens when an unexpected guest arrives just as Mummy is preparing tea? Watch as Sophie finds out, on a journey with singalong fun and plenty of chaos! It’s currently touring across the UK, so you can even find a date that is closer to you.

Find dates and book tickets: https://www.tigerstealive.com/#tour-dates

Recommended ages: 7+

There’s some stuff you need to know about the witches of Oz, before Dorothy ever arrived in Munchkinland! True escapism at its best, Wicked is a wonderful experience for the whole family and the musical numbers are just magical. 

Book Tickets: https://www.wickedthemusical.co.uk/book-tickets/

Family Concerts at the Barbican with the London Symphonic Orchestra
Recommended ages: 7-12

London’s Barbican is home to the London Symphonic Orchestra, a stalwart of entertainment in the capital. Every so often they run family-friendly shows as a great way to introduce young people to live music experiences featuring the entire orchestra. Each of these special shows follows a theme and encourages audience participation for a truly unique and immersive experience. Check their website for details of the next family show here – https://www.barbican.org.uk/whats-on/2023/event/london-symphony-orchestra-family-concert

The Play That Goes Wrong
Recommended ages: 8+

Follow a group of accident-prone drama students as they prepare for a performance of a murder mystery – and as the title suggests things don’t always go to plan with often hilarious consequences. This one is an excellent choice for those wanting to take a step away from musicals for a while.

Book Tickets: https://www.londontheatre.co.uk/show/345-play-that-goes-wrong-tickets

The Snowman (limited run)
Recommended ages: Suitable for all ages

The timeless classic brought to life for a real-life experience! Extravagant costumes and beautiful set pieces make this a perfect choice for newcomers to the story all the way to veterans of the Snowman’s charm. The Snowman is only running from mid-November to the end of December 2022 so be sure to nab tickets early for this one. 

Book Tickets: https://www.londontheatredirect.com/booking/the-snowman-tickets/11-2022

Did we miss a show that you and your family loved? Let us know – we’re always looking for theatre experiences that we can share with others. 

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