March 17, 2023

The Big Talent Myth – Why Talent Isn’t Everything When It Comes To Performing Arts

Not every child is born with natural talent, but every child is born a natural performer. Talent isn’t everything when it comes to performing arts. Find out what is in our latest blog, here…

Don’t let your child’s two left feet, tone-deaf singing or stiff acting skills put you off considering theatre training for them.

You might think that to be part of the performing arts community, your child has to have ‘natural talent’, but what they actually need is the natural performance skills they were born with. And guess what?…

Every child is a natural-born performer.

Don’t believe me?

Just think back to when your child was little. The word-perfect nursery rhymes they’d melodically recite, cute little two-step they’d perform when you turned up the music or the uninhibited role play they’d engage in with their toys.

They were singing, dancing and acting before you even knew it. In fact, you were the same! It’s how you learnt to be you…

Talent Isn’t Always Nature

Please don’t take offence from the next line, because what I’m about to state is simply a fact…

Your child is not born talented.

If we look at actual research, scientists have discovered that people are born with very few, if any, natural talents, and they say that to become talented at something takes guidance, practice and patience.

It’s not actually that hard to believe.

There are very few performers in this world who can ‘just do it’, if any. Behind every talented singer, dancer, and actor is a coach and team of people who have helped to encourage, nurture and finesse their ability to perform.

The Funny Thing About Talent…

It’s estimated that it takes 10,000 hours to perfect any skill. Maybe not riding a bike but certainly playing the piano. People often think they have a talent for acting because we act every day in our lives. We put on a performance when we want something or when we complain. Some have a talent to make you laugh or feel sad.

The point about talent is that is nothing to do with ego and “look at me!” 

Talent is connected to wanting to improve your skills, being open to suggestions, and sharing creativity and ideas.  

Talent in young people is embryonic – it needs developing and drawing out. The funny thing is that often the most talented people are unaware of what they have, whilst others who would have you believe they are talented are not necessarily so – it all comes out in the wash when you begin training. And actually, talent or thinking about it gets in the way. The most important thing is the work.

Being ‘naturally good’ at something is great, but it’s the dedication, practice and training that turns it into talent and creates an outstanding performer.

It’s The Taking Part That Counts

Bear with me whilst I explain because I know that saying will have a lot of you rolling your eyes, but it’s TRUE!

Your child might not be the next ‘big thing’, but does it really matter when they’re loving every second of being part of a like-minded performing arts community that will benefit them for life?

Because that’s exactly what they’ll get from joining a professional theatre training company.

Of course, we’ll nurture their talent, but it’s about so much more than that. The performing arts will transform your child’s confidence and belief in themselves to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

So you see, it really is the taking part that counts.

More Than Performing

The performing arts are about so much more than the actual performance.

Forgive me if I’m sounding a little repetitive, but as you can hopefully tell, I’m extremely passionate about the superb benefits theatre training and the performing arts can offer your child.

Yes, we’ll help develop their singing, acting and dancing talent, but your child will also benefit for life from things like…

  • Improved self-confidence.
  • Greater self-esteem.
  • Increased self and social awareness.
  • Better communication, problem-solving and team-working skills.
  • Tougher resilience and perseverance.

All these wonderful benefits can help set your child up for a brighter, happier and more fulfilled future in education, employment and their day-to-day life.

On-Stage & Off-Stage

If your child loves the arts but doesn’t want to be in the limelight, being on-stage isn’t their only option.

In fact, many people with a love for the performing arts prefer to be off stage, behind the scenes ensuring that the show looks fantastic, and the performance runs smoothly.

From set design to lighting, direction to wardrobe, and everything in between, there’s plenty going on backstage that your child can get involved with and make a long and successful career from.

Joining a theatre training company will not only coach your child to become a better singer, dancer or actor, but it will also introduce them to all aspects of off-stage and technical work, ensuring that your child finds the right path for them.

Talent Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

At Theatretrain, we truly believe that EVERY child can become a talented on-stage performer or backstage whizz.

Our experienced coaches all have the dedication, passion and skills needed to help nurture your child’s talent to be the best it can be.

To read about Jason Kew’s journey from Theatretrain student to Head of Lighting at the Barbican Centre, click here…

Theatretrain, a nationwide provider of weekend theatre schools for young people aged 4-18, specialises in weekly classes in acting, singing, and dancing. An emphasis is placed on learning valuable life skills such as confidence, empathy, courage, and resilience. If you know a child who loves to dance, act and sing or could do with a little confidence boost why not visit to find out what our performing arts classes can offer your child at one of our 80 locations across the UK.

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