July 27, 2022

Nostalgia Series: Lauren Keeling’s Theatretrain Story from Coventry

We hope you’ve enjoyed the stories we’ve been sharing from previous students in our nostalgia blog series so far. Today, Lauren Keeling from Coventry is sharing her Theatretrain story. Over to you, Lauren!

From a young age I have always loved performing and entertaining, but I joined Theatretrain a little later, straight into the older age group. From the first day, I was so warmly welcomed by the amazing team; Cate, Paul, Katie and Steve. 

There are so many fond memories of Theatretrain Coventry. I loved performing at the Royal Albert Hall with all the other centres, it was a great buzz! I even took part in a flashmob in the middle of London once, which was super fun! From singing in the stands for one act to dancing and drama performances on the main stage in the second act, every performance truly was a special moment. Taking part in the Theatretrain summer school in Ipswich was great fun too! I represented Coventry with my friend, Allysha. But I also enjoyed the shows at local theatres, showing our family and friends everything that we had worked hard on this term. We got to act, dance and sing great songs alongside great friends. 

Before I started, I wasn’t really super confident in myself and never really believed what I could do, but with the help from the Theatretrain Coventry leaders Cate, Katie and Steve, I started to believe that I could do whatever my heart was set on. Dancing was my top strength and Katie always set new challenges, which was such a thrill. Her energy and enthusiasm was captivating… I definitely learnt so much from Katie at Theatretrain Coventry. Even though drama wasn’t my strongest point, I gave it a good go and Steve was always so reassuring – he made me realise I CAN do it!  I never thought I was a strong singer either, but with help and guidance from Cate, I gained confidence, believed in myself and learned singing techniques that I still use in my job today. As a performer, I portray characters on a daily basis and I believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without the techniques and skills I learned from Steve.

I can honestly say Theatretrain had a huge impact on my life, from making lifelong friends to performing in places I never would have imagined. I can’t thank them enough.  Theatretrain Coventry even helped me with my college audition back in the day, in their own time. Theatretrain isn’t just supportive in the classroom or on stage, they’re always there for you.  I looked forward to every Saturday morning (and even Sunday mornings when it was close to show day). I could say so many more amazing things. I am forever grateful for everything Theatretrain has done for me. Theatretrain will forever hold a special place in my heart and it is truly an honour to say that I was once “all aboard the Theatretrain!’.

Lauren’s advice to anyone on the fence about joining their local Theatretrain centre:

“Go for it! Don’t look back and enjoy every moment. Some things may seem overwhelming at first but it’s all natural, you will learn so much and gain new friends along the way. Someone once told me ‘great things never come from your comfort zone’ – Go for it my friends!” 

Lauren Keeling, ex-student at Theatretrain Coventry

To get started and enrol at your local centre, just find your nearest Theatretrain. You can also read last week’s nostalgia blog from Dan Walton in Luton. We’d love to share more Theatretrain stories! Send your story and photos to contentmanager@theatretrain.co.uk.

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