July 8, 2022

Nostalgia Series: Amy Walton from Coventry with her Theatretrain story

As we celebrate our 30th year we’re feeling a little nostalgic and know that every single student, parent and TT centre director or teacher has their own Theatretrain story to tell. As part of a new nostalgia blog series, today we hear from Amy Walton who shares her Theatretrain story from her time at TT Coventry. Over to you, Amy!

Firstly, congratulations on 30 years of theatretrain and to Kevin Dowsett for creating wonderful opportunities for many people to help experience the world of theatre and explore their potential for the performing arts.

I joined Coventry theatretrain at an older age of my teens years where I was a shy, anxious person who liked singing but couldn’t dance or act. I thought I’d try a trial day to see what it was like, but I was very scared of going due to not knowing the atmosphere of the theatre group. 

But I needn’t have been worried! It was so lovely how friendly and welcoming the teachers Cate, Kate, Simon and the Centre Director Paul were, and I enjoyed the lessons.  I remember my first singing session where we sang a song from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and, from there, I wanted to learn more about singing. This made me want to return and from that experience,  I had been at theatretrain for three years and loved every performance we did. From Coventry theatretrain anniversary shows, the lights camera action show and many others. 

I love how Theatretrain can help transform shy and anxious people, like me, into confident, ambitious and talented individuals with a passion for the arts. The warmth, the friendly, helpful and supportive atmosphere of Theatretrain helps shape many people into who they become throughout their growing journey. 

I was very fortunate and privileged that during my time at Theatretrain, I experienced performing at the greatest venues. These included 02 arena, The Scoop at More London, Albany Theatre in Coventry and my personal favourite, where I had performed twice, Royal Albert Hall. I was lucky to perform as a soloist for the License to Thrill, where I sang Kung Fu fighting with a much younger talented individual, also from the same centre. It will always be a memorable moment because it showed the true nature of Theatretrain. The young girl, Chloe, was so brave and talented to sing in front of thousands of people and then, when she noticed she sang the wrong verse of the song, she continued but looked at me for support and looked a little scared, while bravely continuing singing. I wanted her to feel supported and that it didn’t matter if it was wrong, so I encouraged her by mouthing  * it’s ok, carry on and continued to support her by dancing on stage. It showed having the courage to stand there and sing your heart out, even when you make mistakes, and that we have each other’s backs and are supportive to each other. 

Theatretrain is an unforgettable experience that taught me many values and fueled my passion for singing. Honestly, I still wasn’t great at dancing and acting, but it was a fun ride.  It was also a lovely place to meet new friends and share experiences along the way with your Theatretrain centre buddies. 

Thank you Kevin for creating Theatretrain and also a big thank you for my experiences and memories to Cate, Kate, Simon and Paul that made Coventry Theatretrain so special.

You can read more of our nostalgia blog series or find your nearest Theatretrain centre to get started today!

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