October 14, 2020

Interpersonal Relationships

The arts community has looked again this week at the above ad and the Government recalled the message.
Im not surprised as it sends out a lot of messages that maybe the ad agency didn’t think about.

The creative industries have been a huge contributor to the economy – £13 million to the UK economy every hour of every day!

I accept that the world has changed and that currently theatres are closed while the world is upside down. However we know that the creative industries are among the least likely to be replaced by robots so the message is wrong. And there’s another more subliminal message that is worrying – are we saying that ballet training should not be considered by people from ethnic minorities? In their efforts to be inclusive they have sent out a message that I hope was unintended. Behind this thoughtless image is the message that the government does not value the arts. To be fair the government this week released millions of pounds to support theatres and arts organisations.

Our theme this week is interpersonal relationships. There are always connections between the performers on the stage, those behind the scenes, the teachers, the audience and beyond that to the wider world. We need this work to survive because it’s about continuing to be a human in changing world. As our prospectus has always said “ the arts are how we make sense of the world.”That new world, more than ever, is going to need creative people with the tools to grow us again.

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