June 24, 2020

I Want To Share Your Happiness

There’s a saying in the theatre industry that you should take pleasure in other people’s successes. The thinking being that you can’t always succeed but it costs you nothing to be happy when others do. In this way they feel supported and your generosity gives them confidence. I love watching the faces of the so-called losers as the Oscars are announced – you get a sense of who they are really are.


“That’s why we never allow our young people in our theatre schools to pontificate about other people’s work”


Working with young people in the performing arts needs a supportive culture where everyone can be noticed. Everyone finds some aspect of the work in our classes in acting, singing and dancing challenging so without being patronised they need a clap on the back when they take a step forward. The difficult people to work with in any group are those who appoint themselves as “experts” when actually they have no real knowledge especially of the person they are talking about. You know the type, probably insecure themselves but well able to do a side long look and a roll of the eyes at people who don’t fit their narrow view. That’s why we never allow our young people in our theatre schools to pontificate about other people’s work – what do they know?  Who wants to hear from them?


Surely the new world will need a positive energy that isn’t faked?


I suppose we all meet judgmental people in our lives. At its meanest level there are trolls with their self-righteous put downs but there are others who congratulate you and seem pleased for your success but you notice the smile doesn’t go up to the eyes? We want our young people to experience praise and also see what it can do for others. Surely the new world will need a positive energy that isn’t faked because the self-esteem of everyone in a group has to rise for it to move forward.


I love that look on a young person’s face when they’ve achieved something – it works wonders for their self-belief and then they are in a better place to see others on their journey.  I hope we are entering a time when taking a genuine enthusiasm in others is as important as being interested in yourself. Love Island anybody?


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