March 4, 2021

Giant Oak

Last autumn I picked up an acorn from the local green. It went into an old jam jar with some kitchen roll and a touch of Miracle Grow. As spectacular as Jack and the Beanstalk it started to grow within a few days. The roots it sent out were amazing and before long there was a stalk and three large leaves. It went into a larger plant pot and next it will be an even bigger pot and then a move outside. I think everyone should grow an acorn because it’s so easy and you get to see the journey.

“I love things that connect us to the natural world and one of the joys of the lockdown was getting out of the house and going walking.”


There will come a time when I need to think where to plant it because our little garden won’t be big enough. Epping Forest is a short walk away so I suppose I could add to the trees there. But it’s a big responsibility! This could potentially be a very large specimen and live for 500 years. I love things that connect us to the natural world and one of the joys of the lockdown was getting out of the house and going walking. And I wasn’t alone. What were hardly used tracks before have now become welltrampled and established paths through the woods.


Everything has a past and a future – the same with us.”

I used to take a fork into my acting classes and ask the students how they thought it came into my hand. They thought I was asking them about taking it out of the cutlery drawer on the way in. What I actually meant was how did it start out? What were the raw materials? What were the processes involved in it becoming a fork? Everything has a past and a future – the same with us.


It’s all a reminder that we are not the centre of the universe – just a tiny little part. If you’ve ever been camping you will know what happens when you are about to leave. You notice the small rectangle of faded grass where the tent was and you realise what a small area you took up. Then you think to yourself that in a couple of days it will be green again – like you were never there.


And that takes me back to my oak tree. I know I won’t be around in 500 years but it might, so I had better plant it out with care. Good luck little tree!

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