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Centre Director FAQs

Initially by filling in an application form. We are also happy to have an informal chat and answer any questions.

The Centre Director role in Theatretrain is the cornerstone of our operating model and the most important to ensure we deliver high-quality work in classes and performances. It is a very rewarding role with multiple tasks fully laid out in our franchisees operating manual; and you will receive training, coaching and mentoring by one of our senior team members.  

Yes. This is a franchise which you own and operate autonomously. As part of your franchisee package, Theatretrain will support you through all of the stages from concept and setup, to ongoing growth. We will provide guidelines, methodology and knowledge on every aspect of your business. We expect ALL our franchisees to follow those guidelines to ensure consistency and the best outcome for our students and parents.

This depends on how many classes and young performers you can attract to your centre.
We have models of projected income and can show examples from our current team, a large number of whom have worked with us for many years. 

On average with a moderate success £30K-£50K per year rising to £70K-£80K

Use the form at the bottom of the page to request more information about how it works. 

The process is a two-way street. While it is important that you choose the opportunity that is right for you, we must carefully select Centre Directors who share our values and purpose. We follow a customer-focused process to help potential Centre Directors learn more about the opportunities we offer. At each stage of this process we will check if you wish to proceed.

It combines the two essential parts of high-quality training: working on the self – individual skills in classes- and then using those skills in a team to make theatre for an audience.

Performing in a range of professional theatres welds the company. It’s fun- the fun is in the work.

A local population with enough young people. Funnily enough, the presence of other performing arts and children’s activities classes demonstrates a need in the area. Our specialist mapping software allows for insightful analysis of the demographic in a potential business territory.

To be different from school. We’re a theatre company. You mark out the space and make it yours. You make theatre. The Centre Director leads a theatre team who are teachers but also musical directors, choreographers, and directors.