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About Theatretrain Bristol North

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Hi, I'm Sue!

Hi, I’m Sue! I’m the Company Director here at Theatretrain Bristol North, where my job is to ensure your children are enjoying their professional theatre training in a fun and creative way. 

I have been at the helm of Theatretrain Bristol since 2003. At the same time I was a Lecturer in a college teaching English and Performing Arts. I have had the privilege to see so many students walk through the doors of Theatretrain and go on to do some amazing things. I danced from a young age, gaining many medals and certificates along the way. My role is to support teachers and oversee all aspects of leading the Theatretrain team, I also teach when required I also has a diploma in stage management from Bristol University.

In July 2022, Sue received the Outstanding Centre Director Award at the Theatretrain Annual Conference.

Learn Genuine Theatre Principles While You Make Friends At Theatretrain Bristol North

The Theatretrain Way puts theatre back into the performing arts. Along with technical performance skills in acting, singing and dancing, young people get the chance to release their creativity in a safe and friendly place. Here, in an environment nurturing confidence and empathy, our students can expand to be more than they ever thought they could be. Our aim isn’t just to create better performers, but to help your children reach their full potential.

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We Create The Welcoming Environment Where Aspiring Performers Thrive

Gain Skills For All Aspects Of Life, Not Just The Big Stage.

Meet the Theatretrain Bristol North team

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Will Marles

Musical Theatre Director

Will is an ex Theatretrain student who was constantly chosen to sing either solo’s or duets in Theatretrain’s large scale West End shows. He then went on to study at Boom Satsuma and went to university in Falmouth to study drama and theatre. Will re discovered his love for dance at university and trained in all dance styles to achieve an amazing amount of awards in his time there. Will loves to discover students unique dance styles, to build confidence in their own abilities. Will has always said ‘you can’t get rid of me that easily’, so is thrilled to be back where it all started when he was six years old.

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The Theatretrain Story

Theatretrain was founded on the belief that the performing arts should be accessible to everyone, no matter their age, skill or ability. Our large-scale productions are unique to Theatretrain and invite our students to enjoy the learning experience and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

The world’s your stage at Theatretrain Bristol North!

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