July 11, 2022

3 reasons you should get on the Theatretrain!

The world has gone a bit nuts… crazy times, right? Except, the world has always been in flux, we just got shook (and stood still long enough) to notice… to question… to shift our perspective. Here’s the thing, nothing is certain and not much makes sense in the world, but there is always theatre! The arts were born from a desire to express ourselves, to escape, entertain and get lost in a world other than our own. 

The world has gone a bit nuts… crazy times, right? Except, the world has always been in flux, we just got shook (and stood still long enough) to notice… to question… to shift our perspective. Here’s the thing, nothing is certain and not much makes sense in the world, but there is always theatre! The arts were born from a desire to express ourselves, to escape, entertain and get lost in a world other than our own. 

If you’re here, chances are you’re feeling ballsy and ready to shake things up! The seed of an idea that you could do something different and start your own theatre school has been planted. And, we’re so on board with it – whoop whoop! But, how do you know if Theatretrain is the right performing arts franchise for you? We’ve got you covered, but first do us a favour and go grab yourself a cuppa, sit in your favourite spot and clear your mind of all those pesky inner voice narratives telling you that you shouldn’t dare to be different… yep, you know the ones. We make logical choices everyday that keep us safe… that keep us small! We fall through each day making decisions based on fear, on practicality. Well, it’s time to tap back into your inner child that knew what it was to dream, imagine, believe… just do. Do what is true for you, what feels good and makes your heart sing. Got it? Fab. Now, sip your cuppa and scroll on down for three reasons we’re right for you and it’s time to get on the Theatretrain! Choo choo!

1. The theatre holds a place in your heart

You don’t need to be a trained teacher or actively doing split-leaps on stage to run a Theatretrain centre, but to truly be successful at running a performing arts franchise, you definitely LOVE the theatre and maybe even had your time on that stage or behind the scenes. You know the buzz of waiting backstage for your cue and hearing the applause or roars of laughter and joy as you do your thing. You know those butterflies in your tummy that scare the hell out of you but you do it anyway! The same kind of butterflies you get with the idea of opening your own theatre school, perhaps? You also understand that for children to explore their identity and find their confidence, the theatre can be a space of freedom and exploration, not just a list of exams and bars they need to hit. You care about making the world more magical for our children and the theatre world is part of your DNA. 

2. You’re a people person who loves community vibes

If you start your own business then you go it alone. Family and friends may offer their help and you may find the most amazing employees but no one will ever be as invested as you are in your business, your baby.  When things go right, things get busy! When things go wrong, things get overwhelming fast, and it all falls on you. Our theatre franchise is your security blanket, quite simply you will never go it alone. Community is at the centre of everything we do and all of our Theatretrain centre owners are part of the family. There’s groups, events, ongoing support and plenty of opportunities to connect, to be inspired and supported. To run your own theatre school you also need to truly care about the children and their families. You need to communicate and motivate your team. You’re the director, the changemaker that sets the tone for the centre. Theatretrain Founder and Artistic Director, Kevin Dowsett, is passionate about the power of the Theatretrain community. He explains:

“You quickly make friends with people in different parts of the country who are doing the same thing as you. There’s a kind of support system. An ongoing connection, and together you learn to be part of something that’s bigger than you.”

3. You believe in creative freedom and self-expression

We were all born in the same design and share the desire to dream, imagine, create and connect. At the heart of Theatretrain is the mission to create a space where children can process what this crazy life is all about and find their place in it. As our boss man Kevin put it:

“Because we can see other people’s lives, we can live their lives, we can try out issues or circumstances for ourselves. We can set it to music, we can dance to it, we can perform it. Theatretrain isn’t a school, it’s a box of tricks! A space where children can find themselves through dance, drama and acting.”

If you believe in creating that kind of space for children and love the idea of being part of their journey of self-discovery and building confidence for the big wide world, then you’ll fit right in.

Ready to be part of something that’s bigger than you?

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”
– Oscar Wilde. 

Nice one, Oscar! Here’s some more wild thoughts to muddle on… 

  • What if you could start your own theatre school for kids and become part of a community that lifts you up, every step of the way? 
  • What if you could give kids the creative space they need to find themselves, gain confidence and reach their potential? 
  • What if you could be part of something bigger than you that has deeper meaning and a sense of reward, all the while making enough money to pay all the things? 

What if? 

Whether you’re stacking shelves, nursing backache from your naff stay at home desk chair or feeling stifled in your job, longing for the days when you’d storm that stage; it’s more possible than you think to start a theatre school with Theatretrain. 

So, are you still feeling ballsy and ready to shake things up? No buts or maybes, no hows or whys – just you doing your thing, helping children to do their thing and making enough money to pay the bills along the way. 

Ding ding! All aboard the Theatretrain! 

To get started just get in touch to arrange an informal chat or you can check out our guide on opening a Theatretrain centre

Theatretrain, a nationwide provider of weekend theatre schools for young people aged 4-18, specialises in weekly classes in acting, singing, and dancing. An emphasis is placed on learning valuable life skills such as confidence, empathy, courage, and resilience. If you know a child who loves to dance, act and sing or could do with a little confidence boost why not visit to find out what our performing arts classes can offer your child at one of our 80 locations across the UK.

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